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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Hillel’s Mission?


Hillel seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate and graduate students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Hillel is committed to:


  • Creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment

  • Fostering student growth and the balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human;

  • Advancing social justice, Jewish learning, and spirituality;

  • Embracing Israel and global Jewish peoplehood;

  • Delivering excellence, innovation, accountability, and results.

How is Hillel Funded? 


Hillel is not a membership based organization. More than 80% of our annual budget comes from parents, grandparents, friends and alumni. We’re very grateful for the support of Jewish Federations throughout Michigan, especially the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit for their ongoing investment in Jewish life on campus.












How Many Jewish Students Are On HCAM Campuses? 


We estimate that HCAM serves approximately 2,000 Jewish students throughout the state. Our program is constantly growing and has seen significant growth over the past 5 years. If you know of a student attending one of our campuses, please send their information our way!



How Active is Jewish Life on HCAM Campuses?


Jewish life is very active on our HCAM campuses! All programming is student led and driven and all events and initiatives are led by each Hillel's student board. Programming includes social, cultural, religious and educational activities. Additionally, all HCAM campuses participate in community service programs and travel across the world on Birthright Israel trips, alternative breaks and student leadership conferences.




Do HCAM Campuses Experience A Lot of Anti-Semitism? 


No. We don't know of many incidents in the past decade. Any incidents that have surfaced have been dealt with swiftly and effectively by the university. The university does a great job offering diversity education and is constantly working to educate not only the students, but the faculty, professors and administration so that everyone will be sensitive to the diverse cultures on campus. Hillel is providing an exceptional source of education for the campus community with regards to Judaism and its customs.





Where is HCAM Located?


Our main offices are located in the Lester and Jewell Morris Hillel Jewish Student Center at 360 Charles Street in East Lansing, Michigan. We connect with students via Zoom, phone and email and travel to HCAM campuses for programs, meetings and initiatives. All HCAM programs take place on each individual school's campus and locations are determined by student leaders.






Is Hillel a Univeristy Office? 


No. While Hillel enjoys a very close working relationship with university offices, colleges and departments we are not a university office. In fact, we were recently recognized with the "Indispensable Campus Partner Award" from International Hillel for our various initiatives.







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