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Campus Inclusion Internship 

Through the Campus Inclusion Initiative (CII), we aim to effectively change interpersonal interactions between Jewish students and their non-Jewish peers. As a Campus Inclusion Intern, you will be chosen for a one-year appointment and mentored by Hillel’s professional team with weekly supervision and biweekly cohort meetings. Upon successful completion of your internship, you will receive a $1,000 stipend. Principal responsibilities include:


  • Building relationships with student leaders from other campus groups to develop and co-sponsor programs promoting cross-cultural understanding and intergroup dialogue. 

  • Working closely with the ADL and appropriate university departments to identify anti-Semitism on campus and respond appropriately (e.g. Holocaust denial, neo-Nazi flyers, and/or anti-Israel extremists).

  • Serving as a resource in helping to make available ADL reports and research materials relating to extremist speakers and organizations that often appear on campuses.

  • Developing relationships with student leadership, faculty, and administrators.

  • Creating campus-wide programs on the topic of anti-Semitism. Programs could, based on student interest, include: programs related to anti-Semitism, including a Holocaust speaker, a week-long series educating the campus on anti-Semitism, cross-cultural dinners, community service programming, etc.


The Campus Inclusion Internship is generously supported by D.Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation. Questions? Please contact Shelby Bruseloff.

CII Internships are currently available at Eastern Michigan University. To apply, fill out the application below.

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